Our clients come to us from Raleigh, Durham and the Triangle and they are drawn by our reputation and word of mouth recommendations from friends and colleagues. Our top physical therapists get amazing reviews because of the personalized care that our clients receive and the results that we are able to achieve together.

Untapped Potential Physical Therapy offers functional manual therapy, soft tissue mobilization, trigger point dry needling, pelvic floor rehabilitation, custom home exercise programs and more. Contact us for information or to schedule an appointment.

Tracy, Drew and Blair are miracle workers! They have treated my daughter, my husband and myself, and we always leave UPPT feeling 10x better than we did walking in. I also love their commitment to continuing education and keeping up with the changes/developments happening in the PT/physio field. I cannot recommend Untapped Potential enough!
— Brittany, Google review
Drew changed my life. I had been hearing from more than one doctor that surgery was the next step for pain management of my hip dysplasia, but instead I decided to give PT a try. Drew worked on me weekly and after a few months my pain was almost nonexistent. He is a true miracle worker. Highly recommended!
— Karyn, Facebook review
Drew Scrimgeour is one of the kindest, most talented advanced physical therapists that I have been blessed to undergo treatment with while he lived in NJ! He is so well versed and so bright that no matter what issue was ailing me at the moment (and I had many different areas of the body impacted), he was always the “light at the end of the pain tunnel.” The area recovered and had improved range of motion with no pain. His caring professionalism is something to behold!
— Mindi, Chris, Facebook review
Blair Watson has my highest recommendation. She is a physical therapist who is the full package — she has with expert credentials and extensive experience, she will take the time to listen with compassion and design a comprehensive therapy plan and she will happily carry out your treatment plan in the best way possible. You will not be disappointed. She is highly dedicated to her profession and her patients. She is also an incredible, thoughtful and intelligent human being, who puts the needs of others above her own.
— Shruti, Google review
I cannot express how excited I am at the opportunity Blair has with Untapped Potential, and the amazing set of skills she can provide for this clinic. She not only is an incredible therapist who will take the time to get to know each one of her patients to treat them in the best way possible, she will also bring with her a level of professionalism that is unmatched. I have known and worked with Blair for over five years, and having personally been in this business for over fourteen years, I can truly say that she is one of the more talented and unique therapists that I have worked with in my career.
— Chris, Facebook review